Multilingual media and influence of western media

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic multilingual media and influence of western media. The present age has frequently been regarded as the age of technological and spatial advancements, which has introduced revolutionary alterations in all walks of individual and collective activities of the humans living in different parts of the world at large (Zaidi, 2015). The latest communication and navigation techniques have played a decisive role with regards to humans’ making advancements towards progress and development at a fast pace (Macionis, 2008). In addition, since almost all the developments being witnessed in the world have reached from the west to other areas of the earth, because of west’s having the greatest share in inventing and introducing technological progress, the same is emulated by the world in order to turn their lifestyle to be advanced and comfortable in the light of the developments being made all around them (Zaidi, 2014). Consequently, the concepts of McDonaldization and Disneyzation of all societies of the world at large in the wake of the establishment of western food chains have earned profound popularity (Artz, 2001). Therefore, amusement platforms and technological applications introduced by the west have left a dramatic impact on the food patterns, recreational style, educational sources, and professional activities of third world countries in general (Macionis, 2008).Being one of the most essential parts of everyday human life everywhere in the world, media has also observed astounding modifications in its nature and scope during the modern age of revolutionary advancements&nbsp.&nbsp.(Macionis, 2008). As a result, news of the incidents taking place in one region of the world reaches the pole-apart areas within a few minutes only. Keeping in view the popularity of strategies adopted and enforced by the western media in respect of accelerating the flow of information in an innovative way, the print, social and electronic media belonging to Asian, African, and Latin American countries have also started adopting the same techniques by broadcasting and telecasting the news, discussions and information programs in national.

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