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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Using Word Press, Create a Home Page for a business, or student club, or nonprofit organization. Hans IT Solution Hans IT website The Hans Website is a business website based on Hans IT solutions multinational information technology firm. It consists of five navigation web pages namely home, about, services, contact information and specialization.Company descriptionHans IT solution is a multinational information technology firm specialized in artificial intelligence, programming, security, networking and frameworks. Established in 2005, the company credits itself with the provision of networking solution and protecting client database. The rationale behind the company foundation is to provide a secure internet experience for our client in the modern technology enhanced business environment where online programs and database are vulnerable to criminal activities.For the past ten years, the company has cooperated with various institutions such as banks, universities, and hotels. Specifically, the firm provides database security for the Atlantic Bank of New York, Queens County Savings Bank, and Food Bank for New York City Services offered Artificial intelligenceProgrammingSecurityNetworkingFrameworksHome page access detailsURL: https://assignone.wordpress.

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