Essay Meditations on First Philosophy

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Essay Meditations on First Philosophy. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.example of this is given in the “letter to the Sorbonne” what it says that great people like Archimedes, Apollonius Pappus and the rest and presented facts which have been universally accepted, though very few understand it’s intricacies for the mere fact they’re quite long and only a reader who exhibits good concentration powers could understand them.Another point of great importance that I picked up was that one’s mind should not be filled with preconceived notions and opinions when trying to weigh the pros and cons and decipher between the right and the wrong. On the other hand, the mind should be detached from any involvement with the senses, so as to provide the person with a clear perspective of thinking. Most people just accept the facts as they are and never bother to oppose or refute it. They present a wrong picture that they have understood it completely and sometimes they commit the great mistake in rejecting the truth.In a subject like geometry the desired result is obtained by strictly following the rules. This is not so in a subject like philosophy because there are two sides to the coin which is open to argument because no argument is free from mistakes. It is only when any argument is thoroughly debated, supplemented and can decide to the extent that they are considered to be absolutely authentic, only then can a declaration or a public statement of the same should be exercised. People who are as intelligent as you would be easily subscribe to the genuineness of your opinion. In the case of atheist, the are considered to be posers more than people who learned or

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