Dark Invasion

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Write an essay on Dark Invasion. It needs to be at least 750 words.Morgan. The Bomb Squad head of department, Tom Tunney, who is a New York Police Inspector is assigned the crucial mission of seizing them. Tom Tunney assembles a team of operatives to hunt down these conspirators among a very large population of Germans but the more he unveils the enemies plan the more he comes to understand that their plan is way much dangerous and complex than he thought.The New York’s Police Department captain, Tom Tunney, is the one who suspect that the series of explosions that occurs in the country, which particularly targets the ships and destroyed munitions plants, is part of much bigger plan by the enemy to destroy America and he sets on a very determined journey to find the perpetrators. Tunney’s work is remarkable, considering the fact that he had a jurisdictional limitation as he had to work for both the federal government and the NYPD. In this true story tale it is observable that the then head of state, Wilson, Was informed of the plot of the intelligent network of German spies but it seemed not to strongly concern his decision. The Germans were satisfactorily convinced that they were right to wage war to the USA because the claimed neutrality of the Americans was hypocritical and equally dangerous to the father land.Tunney discovers the enemy’s devilish plan to blow out the ST. Patrick Cathedral. The German saboteurs planned to blow out the Cathedral to try and stop the Americans from joining the war on the side of the allies. Although it was not clear to the national security department if it was the activist and the anarchist who were plotting on this, the plan was still shuttered down by the NYPD. Tunney together with his loyal operative, learn of the imminent attack on the church and successfully manages to neutralize the plan which jeopardizes the malicious intensions of the enemy(Howard 32).The German operatives to the

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