CYB Week 2

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Essay on CYB Week 2 Discussion. Paper must be at least 250 words. A ping sweep is a diagnostic method used to determine what range of Internet Protocol addresses that are in use by live hosts, usually computers. It is usually used to indicate where active computers are on a network and is sometimes used by the system administrator for identifying a network issue. Ping sweeps are also utilized by computer attackers to see which machines are active so they know where to focus their attacks (Kizza, 2005).A packet sniffer is a program that sees all of the data passing over the network of which the computer is connected to. As data creeks back and forth on the network, the program “sniffs,” each packet. A packet is a section of the message that has been broken up. ExamplePort scanning is defined as the technique of systematically skimming a computers ports, a port is where information gets into and out of a computer, and port scanning identifies open ports to a computer. For instance, TCP Null, TCP Xmas, TCP FIN, TCP SYN, and UDP port

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