Case Study of Regulation

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Essay Case Study of Regulation. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.For instance, the roll out of the new generation broadband would influence internet service delivery and telecommunication services. The need to create fair play in the sector constitutes the discussion in this paper.Telecommunication sector contributes to the economic growth through various aspects such as creating jobs, enhancing communication, which influence the consumption of other products in the market. Providers in the telecommunication industry are keen about the role they play in the economy. Market without regulation would promote exploitation of parties concerned (Borrus, 2003:69). Providers in the telecommunication industry offer service to players at some fees regulated by existing policies. However, new generation broadband technology is a new application in the market, which requires policies that would protect various interests. The key players in the sector are the consumer, the provider and intermediary players. For instance, determination of prices in the market depends on regulations. Analysts in the sector realised that rolling out broadband technology in the market would lead to international coverage (Pietrunti, 2008:12). Broadband service consumers have demonstrated different needs depending on service type. For instance, television service providers and internet clients would consume different quantity of the product (Hardy, 2008:123). Urban and rural areas are set to acquire the services yet this would at different speeds.Analysts have observed that new generation broadband would change the pre existing aspects in the market (Hardy, 2008:65). For instance, the broadband technology contrasts the existing technology because it would channel copper loops to cabinets in the streets as well as ending up in various homes. The issue about regulation comes in when factors influencing modality of delivery crops. First, the opportunity has a set a ground for new players in the telecommunication sector to venture into

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