Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing 

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PROMPT: Upon viewing the video on the Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing Describe the structure of the ear, focusing on the role that each component plays in transmitting the vibrations that enter the outer ear to the auditory receptors in the inner ear.  Then, discuss the basic difference between determining the location of a sound source and determining the location of the visual object. Lastly, discuss the differences a person may experience in hearing when living in the city versus a rural environment. Support your belief and use specific examples. INSTRUCTIONS:PLEASE USE REFERENCE AND INFORMATION BELOW STATED FOR ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE; APA FORMAT/HEADING300 WORDSPLEASE USE REFERENCES LISTED ALSO FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Introduction to PsychologyNO GRAMMAR ISSUES/NO ERRORS2-3 CREDIBLE SCHOLARLY SOURCESPLEASE WRITE IN OWN WORDS/SUMMARIZING!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE NO IN TEXT CITATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

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