Abuse assessment

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Writean article on abuse assessment Paper must be at least 250 words. Abuse Assessment Sue Li is a young lady at the age 20. She comes from an Asian American background. In order to successfully carry out an interview with Ms. Li, a nurse must put into consideration the cultural beliefs and health traditions of the patient, that greatly vary with ethnicity. In the Asian culture, physicians and caregivers are respected persons in the society. Children and the young adults should show the respect by not looking into the eyes of the physicians while being interviewed. The nurse will, therefore, understand if Ms. Li looks away during this interview. Another cultural consideration which has to be strictly observed is that the head of the client must not be touched. it is considered a sacred part of the body. The nurse should not keep on touching the head in the course of the examination without permission from the client. Blood is another very vital element in the Asian culture and therefore, a nurse must try to avoid or minimize such tests. The Asians sometimes may not say if they disagree with the findings or diagnosis of a nurse. This is because they would always want to keep up the harmony with the caregiver. In that case, it will upon the nurse to be very careful in reading any non-verbal communication from this client. The Abuse Assessment Screen on Ms. Li also has to cultural-sensitive. The Abuse Assessment shall follow the criteria of age and gender. The main areas of the assessment shall, therefore, be sexual and physical abuse. Ms. Li is a young lady and might have gone through some form of sexual abuse. Being under the control of the parents, she might have been a victim of corporal punishment. If any of these abuses is established, she will be put under counseling and trauma management. Depending on the nature of the abuse, relevant authorities may be involved as well. ReferenceAmhert M. (2010). Cultural-Sensitive Health Care. New Orleans: Goodreads.

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