Zoltan Kodaly

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Write an argumentative essay on Zoltan Kodaly. Needs to be 5 pages. .In 1906, he attained a PHD with a thesis on Hungarian folk music, and from then, he started to work together with his friend Bartok. They both collaborated in collecting folksong and in advocating for a new vitality in Hungarian musical sector. Like Bartok, the administration at Budapest Academy nominated him to a professorship in 1907, and he stayed in the city for the rest of his life (Griffiths, 1). In his adolescence, Kodaly toured various parts of Hungary due to being the son of a stationmaster. This made him to gain a lot of knowledge of the variety of the nation’s folk music. In addition, he inherited his parents’ passion for classical music. His early work including sonata for cello and piano demonstrate his familiarization to folk aspects into a principally melodic style (Wintle, 279).Contribution to Music educationAs a well-known Hungarian composer and musician, Kodaly utilized a considerable part of his inventive efforts to the musical education of the Hungarian country. He developed this concern over several years beginning with the folk song collection in 1905. In the 1920’s, he started composing for children’s choruses and required his composition learners to practice the same. This was after being conscious of the great concern to advance the quality of singing and music training of children and teachers equally. Folk music offered motivation, in addition to the musical foundation, for many of the compositions. By 1929, he resolved to change the teaching of music and make it an essential part of the education of every child (Singers.com, 1).

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