Zero coupon bond

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Suppose you purchase a zero coupon bond with a face val?ue 1,000  maturing in 21 years, for ?$215.30. Zero coupon bonds pay the investor the face value on the maturity date. What is the implicit interest in the first year of the? bond’s life?What is the percentage change in price for a zero coupon bond if the yield changes from 77?% to 7.5%? The bond has a face value of ?$1000 and it matures in 99 years. Use the price determined from the first? yield, 77?%, as the base in the percentage calculation. The percentage change in the bond price if the yield changes from 77?% to 7.57.5?% is Beam Inc. bonds are trading today for a price of ?$688.79. The bond currently has19 years until maturity and has a yield to maturity of 8.97?%. The bond pays annual coupons and the next coupon is due in one year. What is the coupon rate of the? bond%?What is the price of a 66?-year, 8.4 % coupon? rate, $1,000 face value bond that pays interest annually if the yield to maturity on similar bonds is 6.7 %?? Whats the price of the bond $

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