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Submit a 750 words essay on the topic You should use clear, plain language and specific examples from readings to describe what anthropologists do and how they do it.It is important to understand that anthropology in itself is very wide, involving four main fields that include cultural and anthropology, physical, linguistic anthropology as well as archeology. Each of these four fields teaches distinct skills like development of various extensive sets of data. In their studying, anthropologists often specialize in one area so as to understand the concepts in question (Baca, 45). Additionally, anthropologists often focus on certain populations in specific regions. Others often specialize in studying various cultural practices such as how communities create and manage their social, political and economic systems. This paper examines some of the works that anthropologists do and the way they do it in achieving the goals and objectives of their specific fields.After specializing in the different anthropology fields, anthropologists perform different and distinct functions. For instance, physical anthropologists are often concerned with observing various biological behaviors, which become essential in understanding the ongoing process of human evolution and the different adaptations to certain environments like maternal physiological responses to pregnancy. Additionally, it helps them to effectively examine and understand the effects that altitude has on the fetal and maternal well being, thus performing various comparative studies for the physical responses to the residents in different places.Sociocultural anthropologists often examine the social practices and patterns across various cultures, having special interest in the way people live in certain places and how they manage organizing, governing and creating certain meanings (Gellner 43). One of the hallmarks for sociocultural anthropology can be identified through its emphasis on the participant observations that involve placing individuals in the context of research for extended periods. Some of the topics of

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