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Summary: XYZ Company is a manufacturing company that produces various products and uses a supply chain to deliver directly to global customers and retailers. The company is using legacy ERP systems with considerable vulnerabilities that can seriously harm their business. Some of the challenges relate to outdated technology, unresponsive to industry changes, and inability to handle new government standards and regulations. As the business is growing rapidly, they are facing various data integration problems with current legacy ERP system as well as the three challenges listed above. Data integration platforms help to data migration and integration robust, fast, simple and affordable. Most data integration platforms provide a reasonable approach to systems integration. The XYZ Company CEO need your expert to advise on how to address the current global issues on the legacy system as well as a possible change in the policy posture to enhance business performance. You are required to conduct research and address the following requirements. Part 1 – Paper Assignment Deliverables: A research project to complete the following: 1. Each group will select a different company as a case study organization. Provide the company overview, mission, and products 2. Identify and explain the organization’s current global issue that needs solutions such as the negative effects identified in the summary above. 3. Prepare a Comparative Analysis of Tools by identifying at least five (5) ERP tools to help in analyzing the global issues and making an effective policy decision. 4. Identify the tools Pros and Cons, and the suitable tool for your case study organization with justification for your selection. 5. Describe the design of the tool and possible features to benefit the Complex Product Systems 6. Identify and explain the suitable competing standards and laws that apply to your case study organization with adequate justification. 7. Explain how your case study organization could eliminate information barriers that prevent sales representatives from nimble work on opportunities and higher productivity. 8. Provide recommendations to the CEO of the case study organization for making a policy decision in resources acquisition and implementation plan. 9. Develop a Policy Implementation Plan (about three pages minimum) for your case study organization as a reference manual for existing and future implementation plan in addressing the global issues, challenges, or threats in business. (this will be an “Appendix A” inserted at the end of the Research Paper after References). The policy should be referenced in the research paper and presentation. ITS832 Residency Project – Tools Analysis & Policy Making Research Paper Criteria: • Research Paper must be in APA Style – Create document in Word that contains the following elements: – Title page – Course number and name – Research Project name – Group Members Name – Date – Table of contents, clickable, auto-generated with Max of 3 levels deep section headings • Standard Research Criteria: (Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Analysis, Findings, Conclusion, References). • Research Paper must have at least five works cited of which three must be peer-reviewed works/articles. • Must be at least ten double-spaced pages (separate from the policy implementation plan) • Tables, Figures, Graphs illustrations, and spreadsheets are allowed but must be used according to APA guidelines. Part 2 – PowerPoint Presentation: Upon developing XYZ Company’s Policy Implementation Plan (Appendix A) and Research Paper for evaluating the various data integration problems with the current system, prepare a PowerPoint for presentation by your team to the CEO of the case study organization. The length of the presentation should be between 15-20 slides.

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