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Submit a 500 words paper on the topic Written Business Communication ( #3A). Written Business Communication Written Business Communication The purpose of this message is to capture the attention of the employees by highlighting the issue at hand. the message should also build interest in the employees by provoking their better judgment. The message will seek to persuade rather than demand action. The message will highlight the benefits of taking the tests, it will counter any misconceptions that the employees may have about the tests, and finally, it will seek to arouse the desired intent.The employees of the company are very delicate people to handle since they respond differently to the way messages are delivered. The reader might follow the instructions if things were forced on them, but they would not do it whole-heartedly. The employees should, therefore, be treated with the utmost respect, so as to uphold a mutually beneficial working environment.This message will be received with mixed emotions. some people may seize the opportunity to know their well-being while others may ignore the whole exercise all together. However, highlighting the benefits, the necessity and incentives for taking the blood test will move the doubters and cynics to take the blood tests. Some of the readers might not book appointments at first, but when they see their fellow colleagues making the appointments, they will definitely join in the exercise.The best pattern of organization of this message is that of an internal memo. This is because not all people look at their emails on time. The memo will be easily visible to all employees through the internal information systems. However, the best pattern of organization of the reader response is through email. This is because emails are faster, and convenient for the human resource since they constantly communicate through emails. Coleman InternationalMemoTo:All EmployeesFrom:Human Resource Representativecc:General ManagerDate:February 27, 2014Re:Request That All Employees Participate in the Upcoming Blood test ExerciseIt is a company’s attention that most, if not a few of the employees are reluctant with regards to the blood test exercises that the company seeks to carry out on its employees. It is evident that most of you find this exercise as an invasion of privacy, and probably an infringement of personal rights. Due to the above mentioned reason, company has decided to make this a voluntary exercise for you.However, it is important to bring out some facts and figures about the blood tests carried out by American Health ways. these tests are carried out not only for cost reduction purposes, but for the overall health benefit of the employees. Taking these blood tests ensures that the individual becomes aware of their overall well-being, and also acts as a precaution in the early phases of illnesses that might develop into something chronic. The test results are private no personal data reaches the hands of the company. The company simply gets an overall report on diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, liver function, body fat, and nicotine. The company does not use this information to victimize anybody. rather it’s a report that aids the company plan its Healthcare expenses.Statistics show that when employees take the blood tests, the company saves between $300 and $1400 per person in Healthcare costs. This figure multiplied by 900 employees translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other sectors will be developed with the cash for profitable purposes, or other viable projects. That being said the company shall give a bonus financial incentive to all employees who voluntarily participate in the upcoming blood test exercise that begins Monday, March 17th through Friday, March 21st. Appointments will be available between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Employees may sign up for appointments by emailing the Human Resource Office before March 10th to request for an appointment time. Confirmation email will be sent to them stating the date and appointment timeReferenceBenoit, W. L., & Benoit, P. J. (2008). Persuasive messages: the process of influence. Malden,MA: Blackwell Pub.


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