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Women Poetry

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Write an essay on Women Poetry: Poems and Advice by Daisy Fried. Write a 250 word paper answering; Torment is the most fascinating poem I read in the book “Women Poetry: Poems and Advice” by Daisy Fried. In this particular works, she takes a rather fascinating role as a writer and a professor at the university. Evidently, the poem is written from an observer point of view, in bringing out the high rate of unemployment and frustration job seekers undergo, she uses Justin one of her student as the case study. Interestingly, she appears to watch Justin and Brianna, who supposedly engage in a discussion of a missed job opportunity. Besides being real to issues bedeviling many graduates in the U.S, she brings out the issue of technology within the same poem. He identifies Justin carrying an iPhone. the poet, therefore, is alive to the shift in the technology and the poet should strive to identify this trend (Fried 17). The poem is unique in many ways but brings out issues of education challenges and job market nightmares. It is an accomplished work that is real to contemporary society. Moreover, the whole book is a living testimony of modern humanity. It explores poetess reduced fortunes in society and emphasizes on the need to foster gender equality in poetry. The book influences the view of poetry significantly, as the author identifies the poem as a child and a woman’s role as a failed child. She says a failed baby should not be thrown away but should be tucked. It is quite a touching personal experience book that has raised my interest in focusing on gender balance in poetry. Furthermore, it influences the view of honest, humorous and focuses on real-life issues that continue to influence poetry (Fried 12). The book is a genuine work that draws immense admiration for its consistent clarity and relevance. It is more than women poetry.


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