Women and child welfare and development ministry

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Women and Child Welfare and Development Ministry. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Due Utterances: The Likely Impact on Young Brains The core principle of media literacy lies in the culture constructs advanced towards the intended audience. Media ads that are carefully crafted engage and affect thoughts, attitudes and actions with eventual impacts of either partial or total turnaround over issues of target. At first glance, the Women and Child Welfare and Development Ministry ad presents a child’s inward thoughts of a family setting and its engagements through the spoken words – Father and Mother – with their daughter at the center holding hands to symbolize a shared unity/bond amongst them. A classic use of color technique has been significantly and vigorously applied in the dresses worn by the characters in the ad to demarcate between the sexes – male and female – in a distinctive manner. However, the simple but inappropriate words used in the ad are particularly catchy (the hook).The positioning (layout) of the parents on the sides with their daughter at the center portrays a protective and guidance role bestowed upon parents to the upbringing of their young ones. The relative sizes of the images in the ad are unequal. The parents are relatively taller than their daughter (placed at the center), perhaps to reinforce their positions as the center of admiration and modeling. The inclusive features of the ad authoritatively expose (purpose) to the parents/guardians (the target audience) the likely inflicted injury to young brains impacted by what they hear around them. Children, especially those at the age of school beginners, are usually very attentive to the happenings around them. As a matter of fact, parents/guardians become the initial locus of attention to their children before spreading their wings during later stages of development. Thus, whatever they do or say has the possibility of having a lasting impact in the life of a child.&nbsp. Being the target audience, the inappropriate words in the ad are specifically associated with them – adults. Indeed as expected, the perceptiveness of a young mind is clearly at work: picking and retaining whatever crosses the ear into the brain (role of the text). Through the ad, a lad pours out what is in the mind: a clear indication that what is absorbed from the surrounding environment influences thoughts. Evidently, a child is not just a passive member of a family but an active partaker of what the environment offers (message). Without a doubt, the ad calls on the parents/guardians (message) to keep watch over their utterance to avoid imparting negative traits to those under their care. &nbsp.&nbsp.Though the ad communicates its intended purpose, the scope with which it reaches its target audience is complex. A deeper understanding is required to digest and drive home the message contained therein (personal reaction). It is undeniable that the ad engenders in it a lot of creativity. However, the extra efforts required to grasp the message is quite unnecessary and limits the ad to the chosen few. Additional texts on proper child upbringing would have been more desirable. Overall, the ad was well done and would stand out anywhere as an influential teaching tool towards a change of manners.

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