Wole soyinka and indigenous tradition

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Prepare and submit a paper on wole soyinka and indigenous tradition: the struggle from imperialism to emancipation. The name of Wole Soyinka is also one among such great personalities of contemporary times, who has been ruling over the hearts and minds of millions of people, for the last five decades, through his wonderful writings and magnificent works. Soyinka has determined new avenues of thoughtfulness and philosophy for the African literature by sticking to his indigenous traditions and introducing novel ideas of global significance adding his valuable share to the literature and culture of his native land.The present study focuses on the valuable contributions made by Wole Soyinka in the field of art and literature and the services he rendered for the acquisition of a respectable place for the African literature in the international arena. In addition, Soyinka’s services for winning freedom from imperialism and dictatorship have also been elaborated in the present study. This dissertation consulted seven plays of Wole Soyinka along with books, journals, periodicals and websites on African literature, history, culture, and civilization. also applied is the Marxist perspective and Harlem movement launched by the African American authors in order to acknowledge the place of Soyinka in African literature.Renowned writer, poet, dramatist and educationalist of contemporary Africa, Wole Soyinka is considered as one of the greatest playwrights and authors Nigeria has ever produced. The pieces of literature created by this African literary tycoon of modern day have not only earned great respect and fame for him and his motherland, but also helped the outer world get acquainted with the social, cultural and political values of the postcolonial era prevailing in his native land as well as in the whole continent of Africa at large.

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