Windows Server 2012 Deployment

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Windows Server 2012 Deployment.“Windows Server 2012” is an updated operational tool, which is mainly employed for conducting various tasks with dynamic recovery options. Apparently noted, there lay numerous features of Windows Server 2012 through which WAI can reap significant advantages in the context of getting its internal IT services configured. In this regard, the new facets of Windows Server 2012 can be apparently observed as improved storage, better networking facility, wider remote access, developed server administration, enhanced efficiency, along with fostering innovation and broader flexibility and agility among others (Microsoft, n.d.). It is anticipated that with better execution and incorporation of the aforementioned features, WAI can be able to get its internal IT related services configured with utmost efficacy. Deployment and Server EditionsBased on the scenario provided, it can be ascertained that WAI will have two sites particularly in Los Angeles and New York. Since the company will start with 90 employees, the employment of two servers will be sufficient for getting its internal IT services configured. It is worth mentioning that the roles, which will be combined within the requisite two servers, include “Active Directory Certificate Services”, “Hyper-V” and “Active Directory Domain Services” (ADDS) among others. In this similar concern, the role of ADCS will involve in facilitating the servers towards offering certificates to the clients. On the other hand, “Hyper-V” will play the role of installing as well as configuring the support services within the two servers.

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