Why we accept people that are beautiful

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Write a research paper on why do we accept people who are beautiful.

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Alternatively, one can determine that no matter how other people think or judge, one is going to remain firm in being true to himself. Often when we encounter new people, we can’t help but form a quick opinion of them, going mainly by what they appear to be on the surface. It is not unusual to be wrong in forming an opinion so quickly, without being well informed. However, there is also a psychological explanation for this tendency and that is that many individuals simply do not possess the mental capability to carefully evaluate a new person that they may come across. That being said, there are no short cuts to knowing a person well enough for all his or her strengths and weaknesses, and jumping to quick conclusions hardly ever yields an accurate judgment anyway.

Prior to speculating on the myriad aspects of ‘judgmental’ behavior, one such aspect that we will discuss in some detail pertains to physical appearance of people, which is, sadly often, the sole criteria for their being well accepted or not in the society. How often have we heard raving words of praise for beautiful women and handsome men, and how much more do we hear about them other that what they ‘look like’? While there is little doubt that physical beauty is very attractive and endearing, it is surprising indeed that people so often get so mesmerized that sage words such as ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ don’t seem to click at all. It is unfortunate then that people who are good looking are often meted out a ‘preferential’ treatment over the not so ‘good’ looking ones.

Let us be clear on one fact – good physical grooming, smart, well maintained appearances play an important role when it comes to appropriate social, professional, or personal interactions. Unkempt hair, gaudy clothes, grim looks reflecting contempt and distaste are far removed from what it takes to create a pleasant company of another human being.

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