Why middle east is important to Obama

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Assignment

Write an essay on Why does the middle east is important to obama. It needs to be at least 500 words.This became evident in 2007 when a plutonium-producing reactor of Syria in cooperation with North Korea, was discovered. Israel released photographic evidence of the said partnership leading to the raid of the nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor region and the dismissal of a terrorism attempt (Blackwill and Slocombe).Israel is skillful in making aerial systems, armored vehicle protection, and short-range rockets defenses, and robotics. It has been known as a world leader when it comes to developing devices and techniques for force protection (Blackwill and Slocombe). Because of the unifying goal of both countries to eliminate terrorism and nuclear proliferation, Israel shares its assets to United States which on the other hand, finances Israel’s projects and endeavors. In this case, the role of Obama’s partnership with the Israelis is to further develop missiles which would help him protect his forces and allies and span its influence over Europe, Middle East, and Persian Gulf (Blackwill and Slocombe). In all of these involvements, Obama does not only interestingly gain the assets of Israel but a possible underlying reason for this involvement is for him to expand its power over Middle East. This is evident in Michael Oren’s book, “Power, Faith, and Fantasy”. He stated,As an explanation to this, Oren mentioned about Jefferson and the May 1787 Articles of Confederation. In the meeting that followed, Americans felt a great threat from the kingdoms of Middle East countries. They stated,As a result of this, America waged wars all intended for Middle East. By imposing wars and force, America gained power over its greatest enemy – the Middle East countries and thus worry less about this threat (Oren). United States’ gaining of power and influence becomes more convincing when Obama expressed his interest in the oil industry of Middle East in his speech in

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