Why does this author deserve his place in literary history

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Write an essay on Why does this author deserve his place in literary history. It needs to be at least 750 words.his skills in writing as his way of speaking up and expressing his thoughts about the Black American’s family life, the social violence within the society, bias treatment of the white Americans over the African Americans when it comes to educational support, some political issues, and their desire to have equal freedom with the white Americans. In the process of writing, his novels and poets made him able to contribute a significant impact over the lives of many people including the history of the African American collection of cultural literatures.Today, the works of Hughes is widely used in the study of ethnic and cultural diversity. To some extent, Hughes writings enable the readers to understand the cultural discontinuity as well as the social and psychological damaging effects of being a subject of slavery in the past. (Comer, 1989: 213) As a way of proving Hughes’ worth on the history of literature, it is necessary to discuss and examine Hughes’ specific contribution to the African American society. To do so, I willLangston Hughes has written many books and short stories about the lives of the African Americans. Back in 1934, he wrote ‘The Ways of White Folks’ that describes some of the most tragic interactions that have occurred between the white Americans and the Afro-Americans in a humorous way. (Rampersad, 2001: 207. Rampersad, 1986: 277) The story also highlighted a general pessimism regarding racial issues and satirical realism. (Rampersad, 2001: 207) He also wrote a theatrical play entitled ‘Way Down South’ wherein he focused on racial discrimination issues that have been present on the lives of the African Americans for many years. (Rampersad, 1986: 366 – 369)With regards to political issues, Hughes focuses his writings on awakening the promise of Communism within the American society. In line with this matter, he wrote a poem entitled ‘A New Song’ in order to remind the Americans about the importance of a fair treatment

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