Why are many Americans quiet?

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Why are many Americans quiet about the Native genocide while advancing civil rights? Describe ways that the native voice has been abolished or trivialized in contemporary American society. Present your reaction to the current lifestyles of native peoples in America (and Canada), paying particular attention to the CBC video and 30 Days episode. What is your view of the Washington Redskins naming controversy and its impact for college and high school teams across the country? What do you think should be done? Engage one of the current social issues in Native reparations (water rights, casinos). Describe the acts and issues, and give your opinion on what should be done. Attempt to integrate this with one or more of the sociological theories: Structural Functionalism, Conflict Perspective, Symbolic Interactionism.One paragraph for each question.Question 1The Native American population is the most ignored group of individuals in America. This isbecause they suffer from the highest rates of infant death, suicide, and drug addiction. There…

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