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Write 1 page essay on the topic Who gets access to the information and technologies that (scientific) research makes possible.The main partners accessible to information and technologies according to the Henrietta Lacks and the HeLa cells are limited to research hospitals, scientists, research institutions and the doctors. Hela cells which were extremely significant within the effective and monetary testing and production of the prevailing Salk polio vaccine. For instance, Tuskegee Institute generated the first cell production factory (Kaplan, 2004, 487-489). These institutions utilized numerous locations of research in collaboration with scientist in advancing methods for developing and shipping cells. Limited accessibility of the information and corresponding technologies that underlying scientific research of the Hela have permitted standardization of the methods across the field thereby allowing significant developments within the research field encompassing cloning of the prevailing single cell lines, determination of the underlying number of chromosomes and corresponding research of genetically based maladies (Kaplan, 2004, 487-489). In summation, accessibility information and technologies from the scientific research is normally limited to few and selective personalities since they are extremely fundamental to the research institutions and the government as at large.

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