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What is the good life

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Write an argumentative essay on What is the good life. Needs to be 2 pages.Money is the means to purchase. it is true that the availability of money makes life better and a lot more comfortable. However, the availability of money is not tantamount to the attainment of a good life.A good life is characterized by happiness, money guarantees the availability of resources but it does not guarantee happiness in a home and satisfaction. Money enslaves people, turns friend into enemies, compels people to steal and engage in dishonest act. Money is therefore more related to evil than happiness and satisfaction. In the non-fictional story, Zeitoun, a character, Abdulrahman Zeitoun is introduced. he is a Muslim who moves from Syria to settle in the United States of America (Dave 12). While in America, he meets a Muslim convert, one Kathy who he later marries and together they have two children and a family business. Life for the young family is good enough. They have a family business which is capable of catering for their financial needs, they have children they are generally comfortable.Things change with time as hurricane Katrina strikes, the family is forced to separate as zeitoun chooses to remain and cater for the family business, he uses a second hand canoe to rescue the stranded tenants and provides shelter to abandoned dogs. He happily does this and shows affection to very strange people, he gains satisfaction from the smiles he receives from those he helps. Things change suddenly for him after he is arrested and the society within which he had lived and made a life for himself suddenly turns against him. The 9/11 incident takes place and situation worsen for Zeitoun who is of Arabic descent (Dave 22). The society is overly discriminated and Zeitoun is treated worse than a human is, he is denied basic needs that other American citizens in the same cells are granted.Good life is therefore a satisfactory life, satisfaction comes from setting personal goals and achieving them. Money is overly


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