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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic weekly progress report. Weekly Progress Report By [Presented to] of Summary of the Activities for the Week This section s the tasks being undertaken by me during the period 14-20th July 2012 in the context of my research topic. I spent Saturday and Sunday reading the research paper titled, E-government: towards the e-bureaucratic form. Journal of Information Technology written by Cordella. A (2007) from page 3-18. The paper illustrates the shift from e-government to m-government that helped in developing the context part of the first chapter. I also read the journal developed by I. Kushchu and M. H. Kuscu (2003) tiled, “From e-Government to m-Government: Facing the Inevitable”. This helped in understanding the shift from e-government to m-government in a systematic manner. Moreover, the former journal was based on the importance of e-government while the later compared the both. I spend Monday and Tuesday reading an article titled, Omans eGovernment progress recognised internationally, written by Ammari. S (2012). The article talks about the recent development in the context of m-government in Oman. I also read the Statistical year book developed by the Ministry of National Economy – Oman (2007). It helped me in understanding the acceptance and feasibility of mobile technology in OmanOn Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I started writing my first chapter covering the context part along with designing research aim and objectives and formulating research questions. The context of the research covers information on the importance of m-government, its applications in Oman and overall acceptance and feasibility in the present and coming years. Plan of the Activities for the Week to FollowThis part will explain what I am going to do in the coming week 21st- 28th July to strengthen my research. Planned activities to be followed are as follow:In the coming week, I am planning to read articles on the growth and development of m-government in Oman for 2-3 days. I have read few articles published in the newspaper, Oman Observer. One of the articles titled, 4G services launched written by Harthi F.B.K (2012) states the emergence of 4G services in the country while the article titled, Improving Customer Service via Mobile Banking written by Murphy. D (2009) states the emergence of mobile banking offering multiple benefits to users and organsiations. However, the article titled, M-Government Services Initiatives in Oman, written by Naqwi and Shihi (2009) states that there are major loopholes in the m-government as the model is fairly new. I have not read much but will continue to do so in order to critically analyse the literature I have also planned to strengthen my literature reading by visiting the nearest library along with reading more articles and journals on m-government and its applications in the context of Oman in the mid week for 2-3 daysI do not wish to read end numbers of journals, articles and books as the mentioned research papers have good amount of insight over the research topic. I will take 2-3 more days to read views and opinions of different authors and researchers on the importance and application of m-government in general and in the context of Oman and other countries. This will help in conducting the critical analysis based on personal understanding and analysisIf time allows, I also wish to:Identify my key respondents for the purpose of primary researchDevelop questionnaires or interviewsInteract with professors over the research topicUpdating myself with the evolution of mobile technology and its application in the mobile government .

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