Water and wastewater engineering

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Write a 8 pages paper on water and wastewater engineering. The treatment plants make use of various methods in order to recycle and purify the wastewater. Some common treatment methods include filters and chemical treatments. Governments of all countries should give proper attention to the wastewater management and purification system’s implementation in order to make effective use of wastewater. Waster water is the water that has been brought into use in-home or in industries and is no longer fit for human consumption. Some examples of wastewater include discharged water from offices, households, buildings, hotels, factories, and industries. Discharged water contains such substances, which are very harmful to the health of human beings. Tatum (n.d.) asserts, “Wastewater can also refer to groundwater that is contaminated due to leaking septic tank or agents such as insecticide, petroleum products, blood, or cleaning liquids”. Contaminated water is neither good for the health of humans nor for the soil as it contains harmful and detrimental chemicals. As wastewater is harmful to health, it should be purified using water treatment and purification methods in order to make it clean and decontaminated. Wastewater should be run through filtration systems in order to make it usable once again. Water supply is the process of supplying clean water to the public and industries for various purposes. Water supply management manages the resources to ensure the supply of clean and purified water to the people. There are two aspects of water supply management, which include supply management and demand management. Supply management indicates control by the supply authority and implies autocratic or un-transparent planning whereas demand management indicates management of the demand of water by stakeholders, consumers, and the community (Stephenson, 1998). Some factors are of significant value for the effective management of water supply. These factors include ensuring the provision of basic water requirements, transfer of river water from wet to&nbsp.dry regions, reducing the shortfall risks, reducing the water pollution risks, a carryover from flood to drought, minimizing the costs, future planning, and creating the awareness regarding the value of water.

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