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Watching video

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Assignment

Write an article on Watching video.

It needs to be at least 1000 words.

He briefly talked about Mars and the views of Lowell’s on mars. continuing his speech he even talked his involvement in putting planet Pluto out of the solar system and the reason it came back in the solar system and also briefed about other planets. Tyson was also referred as the man who demoted Pluto and faced intense reaction from American citizen than from people living in other countries. “The first such Kuiper Belt object (not counting Pluto and its moons) was 1992, which never received an official name. By 2006, many such KBOs had been found, and so the debate over Pluto was a planet or just another KBO- perhaps to be dignified with the designation ‘dwarf planet’- intensified” (Marschall 145).Neil deGrasse has written a book Death by Black hole and briefly gave information about black hole and its role in galaxy and the destruction they can cause in the universe by the beams they emit (Tyson, Death by Black Hole).

The amount of research we made about our universe is very little and we have just discovered only 4% of the universe, which includes all the solar system and the galaxies, and the rest is dark energy and dark matter. Dark energy and dark matter is still unknown which shows the lacking in the research. With a baby picture of universe, which the researchers have made, shows the records of earliest moment of big bang theory. how and when stars and galaxies were made and how this universe evolved. He believes that there are multiple bangs and the big bang theory is a little part of a big story and claims that there is a multiverse based on theoretical and philosophical reasons. His command in mathematics is very much appreciable and his research on different people and things are impressive.

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