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Warrant Affidavit

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Search Warrant Affidavit: You are assigned to the narcotics or VICE unit at your local police agency. On three separateoccasions (01/01, 04/01, and 06/01) undercover officers have purchased felony amounts (100 grams on each occasion)of marijuana from John Doe. On 06/01, your undercover agent observed numerous marijuana plants growing in the innerbedroom of the residence and has reason to believe other areas of the residence are being used to grow marijuana. Asyou near the residence, there is a slight smell of marijuana emanating from the residence. The house has four bedroomswith a garage that faces south; it is brown in color and has a white fence around the back yard. After a lengthyinvestigation, your team has obtained the following reliable information:Suspect: John Doe (resident and owner)Additional occupants: NoneAddress: 1111 NW 1st Ave., Your City, Your State, Your CountyUsing the resources in your textbook, prepare and write a search warrant affidavit based on your case. The searchwarrant affidavit must contain the following information:? Reasons to request the search? Name of the officer requesting the warrant? Items to be seized? Specific place to be searched? Signature of the issuing JudgeYour project should be approximately 1-2 pages in length and written in APA format.


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