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War Powers Act

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Assignment

The War Powers Act of 1973

Step 1: Introduction

Define the topic (i.e. what is…).Why is the topic an important issue for society? Specify the research questions of your study.

Step 2: Literature Review

Discuss the pros and cons of your research topic.Describe how you will deal with the shortcomings of the existing literature regarding your topic.Adopt an issue position regarding your topic (i.e. state your hypotheses clearly).Justify your position on the topic.

Step 3: Methodology State

clearly your position on the topic. Present the evidence to support your position on the topic. In an empirical research, you should operationalize your hypotheses, and specify the statistical tests used in your research.

Step 4: Summary and Conclusions

Discuss the findings of your research. Discuss the implication of the findings of your research for society. Discuss how future studies may improve on the findings of your research.

Step 5: Bibliography (Minimum of Five References)Bibliography (Book)

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