War of 1812

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Essay on War of 1812. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Yet the availability of the military accounts could contribute to the writings of the domestic history of the war. Hickey argued that America lost the war because “it had initiated the contest and yet had not achieved the aims for which it was fighting” (743). Indeed Hickey’s point is that the primary targets of the war were not achieved.Hickey suggests that the Napoleonic view of the war is flawed within itself, as John Elting committed the mistake by viewing the war from a Napoleonic perspective. Hickey draws a good deal of references to the Canadian authors on the War of 1812. For most of the Canadian authors, Canada won the war, as it established the country as a strong nation. Among the authors that Hickey describes in his essay, Gerard Atloff’s work is important because it deals with the neglected role of the African American in the War. In another paragraph, Hickey deals with the authors who focused on a good deals of topics such as the men and officers of the armies in the war, the Old Northwest, the Niagara Frontiers, the St. Lawrence and Lake Champlain Front, the Chesapeake Bay, the Southwest and Gulf Coast, The Indians, The War at Sea, etc. Hickey argues that though these topics seem to render a vivid picture of the war in 1812, there are still some missing parts of the war that need to be dealt with, as he says, “Does this renaissance mean that we can drop the label ‘forgotten conflict’? ..

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