WACC for Heinz

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Heinz CaseRemember:  you are providing an analysis to Heinz insiders to help them make an informed decision. Please consider addressing the following questions in your summary:1. How to estimate the WACC for Heinz at the start of fiscal year 2010? What was the WACC one year earlier? As you do this, carefully note the points of judgment or assumptions made in the calculation. A small simple table/paragraph summarizing the weights, cost of debt and cost of equity, and WACCs might be useful.2. What is your best estimate of the WACC for Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup Company, and Del Monte Foods? Based on your findings, how do these comparable firms’ WACCs influence your thinking about the WACC for Heinz?Your submission should be a two-page Executive Summary with 12 font and normal margins. Remember to focus and to be as clear and concise as possible in describing the issue, the results, and your opinion; the goal is to help senior managers make a more informed decision moving forward.Team Presentations (from now on all presentations will be graded)Remember to lay out an agenda, introduce each member, have each member present, be prepared to answer questions. Limit your presentation to 30 minutes. Remember to speak clearly and loudly, make eye contact with your audience, do not read from note cards, and do not simply read the slide. Communicate your points clearly to the audience. Recall that the presentation style itself will not be graded; just the quality and veracity of the content and preparation. PRACTICE!!!

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