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Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: W 4 Marketing. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. How Technology Affects the Quality of Service in Healthcare How Technology Affects the Quality of Service in Healthcare In everydaylife, people expect to receive good and quality healthcare service that necessary to maintain their ability to function. However, poor quality service still exists in some areas and this is why the technology is has a lot of value to the improvement of healthcare service delivery. According to the panel of five discussing debating about the effective healthcare service delivery in the United States, Mr. Jerry expressed that technology plays recommendable role in measuring quality of performance among the healthcare probationers thus improving the consumers understanding of healthcare and the required national standards of healthcare delivery. This helps in meeting the national goals while reducing the cost of medical services by imposing healthcare coverage (USGOVHHS, 2014).According to Leo, another member of the panel argues that sufficient room for innovation of exchanges in medical reforms has been easily steered through technology. In addition, it alleviates dysfunctional issues that may be associated with medical delivery. Besides, the use of technology by both public and private institutions with an aid by the federal government helps to streamline the model language leading to effectiveness of the performance measure while availing sufficient information to the patients. For instance, somebody who is suffering from diabetes gets an opportunity to access data on the necessary measures needed to make his life sustainable for a very long period (USGOVHHS, 2014).Others members of the panel such as Lori, Leah and Helen contemplate that the use of technology is vital to medical reporting since it helps in the prevention of adverse outcome of care which usually has devastating effects and often fatal than the normal underlying disease. In essence, during surgery, technology is best applied in determining the level of infection in a patient before the actual surgery can be carried out. Other than negligence, this helps in the prevention of adverse effects on out patients. The panel also disclosed that, the use of technology both by public in conjunction with private healthcare institutions facilitates the retrieval of previous data about a patient and for such reasons it becomes very easy for a practitioner to make an informed decision before discharging the treatment to the patient based on his medical history. Moreover, the technological linking of both private and public institutions enhances value benefits amongst all the medical stakeholders and this helps in the evaluation, analysis and prevention of the infection rate (GE Healthcare, 2014).According to Diane Pinakiewcz, the use technological system has helped to improve the efficiency in healthcare delivery in terms of quality and safety. Taking into account the Toyoda systems model, safety is perceived to be of higher value because tracking of patient’s records can be easily facilitated across different organizations making it much easier and efficiently in linking records of a given patient. More to this, appropriate evidence concerning chronology of infection is easily availed thus eliminating the waste and safety price involved by moving from one department to another in accessing information. The result for this is that, it lowers the cost of health care delivery (GE Healthcare, 2014).References:USGOVHHS. (2014, February 25). Quality Improvement: Health Insurance Exchange Stakeholders Conference – Panel 5 [Video File]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5jBQ2nCY0IGE Healthcare. (2014, February 25). Hospital Performance and Patient Health in the 21st Century retrieved from http://www.youtube.

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