Visual composition techniques

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CHOOSE ONE of the three ads below, and RETYPE your ONE-PARAGRAPH DESCRIPTION of the VISUAL COMPOSITION TECHNIQUES used in the ad (Including Framing, Arrangement, Camera Placement, Lighting, Colors, Repetition, Text-Based Techniques, Clothing, Make-Up, Body Language and Facial Expressions).The three ads you have to choose from are: 1. CURTIN UNIVERSITY AD 2. AXE ANARCHY AD 3. TEXTING & DRIVING PSAYou can click on the BLUE HYPERLINK above or find them under “Files” in the Essay #2 – Deconstructing an Ad folder.Your paragraph will be graded using the following RUBRIC.DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS:Discuss 3-5 techniques related to framing, arrangement, camera placement, lighting, color, repetition from Advertising Techniques – Part 1 and/or text, facial expressions, clothing, body language from Advertising Techniques – Part 2.Use the “Step One: Observation”questions below to help you brainstorm. Your paragraph should not be an analysis or opinion; rather, it should be a description based on careful observation of the visual components. Do not add your opinion about the ad or why you think the advertiser is using these techniques.Step 1: ObservationWhat is your first impression? Think of five adjectives to describe the ad. Are there people in the ad? What gender? What race? What do the people look like (young, old, stylish, etc.)? What are their facial expressions? How about their body language? Look at the camera placement. At what angle was this taken (high, low, neither)? At what distance (close-up, medium shot, long shot)? Look at the lighting. Does it appear to be natural or artificial? Is it concentrated, diffused, or spot lighting? Are certain parts of the ad highlighted while others are not? If so, how big are they? What colors are used? Are they bright? Black and white? In sharp contrast to each other? Has color saturation been used- which color? Look at the arrangement of the ad. What is in the foreground, middle ground, and background? Are there any objects (things, not people) in the ad? Where are they placed? How big are they? Is there any repetition in the ad? What interesting body language, facial expressions, hair, make-up, or clothing do you notice? If the ad has text, how does it look? What kind of font is used? Is more than one font type used? How big is the text? What color is it? Is more than one color used? What does the text actually say? What does the large text say? The small text?Organize your paragraph with a Topic Sentence, Supporting Sentences, and a Concluding Sentence, as well as transitions. Then complete the “Chapter 1 Writer’s Self Check” on p. 322 of your book. These are the questions I will be thinking about as I grade your paragraphs.Your writing should be DOUBLE-SPACED

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