Viral marketing

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Argumentative essay on Can Viral Marketing Replace All Other Forms Of Advertising. Needs to be 5 pages. This paper illustrates that various people have cited the negative effects of this method of advertising as compared to the traditional means of advertising. Looking at the two methods of advertising and analyzing them is important because it helps in understanding the best manner in which to market commodities. Without looking at the negative aspects that involve this form of advertising, it is vital to remain subtle when analyzing this method. Viral marketing is a credible way to replace all other forms of advertising and it is appropriate to review the various ways of doing this while still reviewing the benefits. One effective manner in which this method of advertising can replace other methods of advertising is through comfort when advertising. Many methods of advertising are hectic and require an individual to move from one position to another with the aim of attracting customers. However, viral advertising just requires an individual to use their gadgets such as phones or laptops to post the products they want to the internet. Posting these photographs on the internet is simply because it can be carried out from the comfort of a person’s home without any hectic activities being involved. Another advantage of viral marketing that can assist people to view its value as compared to the normal methods of advertising is its economical nature. Other methods of advertising normally involve the people or rather the advertisers engaging in the marketing of their products by posting them in media providers such as televisions, radios or even the print media. These services are very costly and they involve the product owners paying a lot of money for these products to receive quality marketing. Viral marketing, as opposed to this method of advertising, is very cheap as the only amount of money spent is that used to pay service providers for the internet. When compared with the print media method of advertising, this method is very economical.

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