Violence Against Women in Malaysia

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Domestic Violence Against Women in Malaysia.A domestic partner can be a married partner or unmarried partner staying together. After the introduction, the statement of the problem related to domestic violence is provided along with the research and scope of the study. In the second chapter, the Historical background of Malaysia has been mentioned. This section would help to understand the culture and values that exist in the country. Furthermore, it will allow the readers to gain an interest about the topic after knowing the historical values of the country. In this section different issue related to Malaysian society has also been discussed. Domestic Violence in Malaysia has been discussed in this section along with the regulations and support system that protect women from the abuses.In the third chapter some regulations that protect the women have been discussed thoroughly. In the fourth chapter the gaps in the regulations have been mentioned. The fourth chapter provides information about the limitations of the laws and regulations that have been incorporated in Malaysia against domestic violence. The fifth chapter is very important because it provides the literature review of the essay. In the fifth chapter the rights and positions of the Muslim women residing in Malaysia has been discussed. This section also mentions about the preaching of Islamic culture and information about the Sharia Law. In this chapter some theories about the causes of domestic violence has been provided along with the conceptual framework of domestic violence in Malaysia. The gaps in the literature has also been mentioned in the section due to which the issues related to domestic violence in Malaysia has not been in regular discussion by other nations. The sixth chapter provides information about the different type of disturbances and injuries that females of Malaysia had to experience. Finally, some recommendations have been provided in the

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