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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Title: Use a (working) title for your piece of work that is informative of the area you will be investigating, and that reflects the general (central) question.They face various complexities to participate in class activities and other events. also, it is always very challenging to make friends and learn about the new system quickly (Andrade and Evans 2009). It all happens mainly because they belong to different races, cultural backgrounds, and religions, also they speak different languages. Their race, colour, life style, and religious practices create more challenges for them to face complexities on daily basis (Blake 2012).The main purpose of this research is that to highlight and understand the core problems of life style faced by international students especially Asian Muslims studying at the universities of the US in various states. Additionally, the researchers aim to explore the areas, which directly hit ethnical backgrounds of the Asian Muslims and deprive them to enjoy equal opportunities similar to native students studying with them in the campus ( Envisage 2012). Additionally, this study contributes to highlights the issues of international students studying in the US universities.Zhao, Carini, and Kuh (2001) have discussed in their research that undoubtedly international students bring great business to the American universities, which has resulted in a mix culture in different universities. In their research, they have explored that international students experience anxiety, isolation, and rejection because of stressful events and new style of life (Zhao, Kuh and Carini 2001). Additionally, it has observed that they seem unable to cope up with the new environment even after spending several months in the university. Another research work by Ranjani (1992) showed that there are numerous problems faced by international students in the colleges and universities of the US mostly because of their different cultural backgrounds and native languages. They do not simply face problems during class, assignments, or exams, but additionally cultural differences create problems for them to

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