Values of traditional and one-state conservatism

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Write a 9 pages paper on values of traditional and one-state conservatism. Traditional conservatism has been greatly influencing people even in modern times, because it is currently applied in many countries including United Kingdom, USA and many others.Traditional conservatives believe in the idea of natural law. In their view, nature should be the principal controller of the world. Therefore, they really value religion because it is more important as compared to any form of human civilization. So, they hold the view that natural law is constituted by divine revelation and reasoning. Meaning, human beings should do their best to surrender their rights to the most powerful supernatural (God) as the provider and creator for everyone. However, using reasonable means that a person should critically use their mind to deeply think before making a final decision. Since the traditional conservatives believe in the rule of natural law, they need to use divine truths to organize and put the society in order (Quintin 2006). This explains why many traditional conservatives are members of high Christianity denominations like Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. Natural law is a significant concept in human life because it is the chief source of morality and sets the standard codes of ethics each person should conform to.In the eyes of the traditional conservatives, customs and traditions form a very significant part of human life. In their opinion, each and every community has a unique set of cultural traditions that are of the essence to them. They help in guiding the way they live, behave, and conduct themselves on the day to day basis. To be a good member of society, everyone needs to strictly follow all these traditions and customs because they have been accepted by society. Given that the society needs to be continuous, these traditions, once used by a given generation, are to be passed to the subsequent ones. This means that it is the responsibility of the current generations to preserve and transmit these customs and traditions to their children, grandchildren, great and children, and many descendants to come.

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