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Value on statistics

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Assignment

As the Standard Deviation is the basic metric for a z-score and the z-statistic can be the metric used to calculate for a t-score, follow the formula to calculate for a t-score: t score = 50 + 10zThen solve for the blanks (Critical Values) given the parameters for the df and the alpha level of a directional or nondirectional hypothesis.

LASLTY, on your DB Forum Thread, identify two samples of interest from the population you can imagine these numbers to relate to or would like to see them relate to. For example, I would like to look at group differences in obesity due to diets that involve tamales between 150 Hispanics and 175 black students at Florida State University. If you have the following z-scores, solve for t-scores based on the metric of the z-statistic. (Lab ML) a.   z = 1.17b.  z = -.85c. z = 1.47d. z = -.47e.   z = .24f.  z = -1.11

What is the Critical Value of a t-test with a nondirectional hypothesis using an alpha level of 0.10?  The sample includes 9 participants. The sample includes 60 participants. The sample includes 24 participants. The sample includes 111 participants. What kind of research hypothesis would I be using if: df = 10, the critical value is 1.372 df = 13, the critical value is 1.771 df = 15, the critical value is 2.603 df = 75, the critical value is 1.992 alpha level is 0.05, the critical value is 2.014 alpha level is 0.01, the critical value is 2.438 If I have a sample of 42 participants and I’m using a directional hypothesis with an alpha level of 0.05, what is my Critical Value for this t-test?

  I’m I have a sample of 101 participants and I’m using a nondirectional hypothesis with an alpha level of 0.01, what is my Critical Value for this t-test?

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