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VA Team members

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Write a 2 page essay on VA Team members. Developing the VA schedule is essential because it sets targets and priorities within an organised plan. It allocates time and resources in a logical way. Implementing this correctly ensures that the VA meets all of its objectives and does not skip anything important or dwell too long on one issue. This is essential because good communication between the people involved eases information flow and creates a professional atmosphere for all concerned. The initial site briefing sets the tone and input on this point establishes the ground rules and creates clarity. This is essential because the VA involves handling of personal details, which are protected by law, and company information, which is commercially sensitive. Both of these are at risk if no-one sets up systems to safeguard such information, or if no one controls how these systems work. This liaison role is essential because the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) each have an in depth but partial knowledge of the issues that arise, and this can cause disagreement. Helping to give an overview, and removing hindrances, minimizes conflict and helps the team to work together better and stay focused on the goal. This is essential because messages to and from facility management and staff can get lost if they pass through many different people. This role provides a clear channel for communication and also maintains an overview of what is happening hour by hour. The best VA in the world is useless if its results are not carefully documented. Findings will be better respected and acted upon if they are expressed with all accompanying data. Clarity here reassures everyone of the validity of the VA and sets out the basis of clear plan for others to follow. This is important because senior management have the power to ensure that a VA has lasting effects on the organization in the future. If they are kept informed they are more likely to engage in the work……


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