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Use of ICT

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Submit a paper on use of ICT. Positive ICT investments and policies are undoubtedly beneficial to HEIs, even if ICTs have not managed adequately to replace classroom-based instructing models. Generally, ICTs offer effective access for various target learners besides academically termed as vehicles meant for enhanced pedagogical experiences. This is especially to distance learners whose separation between them and their respective HE Is id due to space as well as time (Surry, Stefurak & Gray, 2011, p.45). In most HEIs, some of the major ICT facilities used include,Together with the ever-rampant utilization of ICTs in basic education, most students get to campus with higher hopes in terms of technology uses and corresponding pedagogies. The gaps that exist between higher educational practices and student social media abilities are likely to broaden unless respective administrators ensure educational practices that bring about adequate reforms.

Generally, from a pedagogical outlook, network technology such as social media tools avails greater potentials for both collaborative and interactive learning. Tools that employ networking know how avail students with an open as well as an innovative development platform (Surry, Stefurak & Gray, 2011). In addition, it also avails an opportunity for aiding collaborative and interactive ways of learning mainly for those having exceptional needs (Surry, Stefurak & Gray, 2011, p.46).

The enhancement of a wireless knowhow such as mobile wireless expertise has ensured generation of a significant level of excitement among academicians and practitioners. Reason being, it leads to a shift in the academic environment from out-dated settings to mobile learning (m-learning) settings (Ehlers & Schneckenberg, 2010, p.14). Certainly, augmenting numbers of HEIs provide courses using wireless technology (for example, m-learning) as an substitute to learning and teaching tools.


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