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Use of descriptive statistics as HR professional

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Use of descriptive statistics in my job as HR professional. Human Resource is a broad area in business that looks into the strategies used in recruiting, training, remunerating and firing employees. As a result, a lot of data is maintained by HR departments in several organizations in forms such as charts, graphs and other data. In the line of my job, I make use of several statistical methods in preparation of reports, training and analysis of human resource issues. During my stint as the head of recruitment, I undertook several recruitment drives as well as teaching staff on the prudent means of undertaking their duties. In such scenarios I made use of charts, to highlight the successes and failures that were encountered by various employees during the implementation of their tasks. Data mining is a delicate skill that is required and utilized in the human resources sector. As a result, as an HR practitioner I made use of graphs to represent different sets of data used in the training procedure. Moreover, I made use of different data sets in the planning process especially as the head of training at the KIOS Company. The training department made use of huge sets of data that required analysis and preparation for the information to be disseminated to employees. Management of HR data is quite challenging and thus we had to make use of different statistical methods and software. Software such as SPSS which is suitable for data analysis was deployed while graphs, line and bar charts were used in display of data. This essay is going to reflect on the different statistical tools that I employ in undertaking my duties.

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