US militarization

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write a 2 pages paper on the us militarization. Relevant as the U.S. spends much more than any other country on its military. The suspicious that the United States may have chosen the wrong direction in its military politics stems from the budget that covers its spending. Today, numerous sources confirm that the total value of contracts equals to more than a trillion, which is a half of all the world’s spending. (“Ike was right,” 2011. Lusanne, 2015) However, there are no real benefits for both, the United States and the world, which could somehow justify this spending. At the same time, a part of funding could be used to improve infrastructure, healthcare, education, or clean water and cut hunger in the developing countries. (Hossein-zadeh, 2006) In any case, there are numerous other areas for which these amounts of money could bring more good and more use. Americans are no longer as confident in the U.S. policies as they were several decades ago. It seems that the idea of democracy, which implies that these are the people who should control both the state and foreign politics, has weakened. The sphere of military power with its actual interests is hidden from average citizens who are left aside only to watch its consequences and pay its high price. Interestingly, it was estimated that near 25 percent of all military contracts receive ten top firms, whose private business interest in encouraging the expansion of the U.S. military power is under serious consideration today. (Muscara , 2011) Currently, they are already blamed for financially supporting Congressmen who vote for another list of military bills. (Hartung, 2001) A part of the conclusion is that Americans are being deluded and manipulated by means of playing with their values and convictions they hold. The ideas of patriotism and freedom are what being used as a cover of the constant military growth and expansion.

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