US foreign policy

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

US foreign policy can be characterized by debates between three distinct traditions – the Jeffersonian, Jacksonian, and Wilsonian traditions. Define each. Link these traditions to Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism. Explain in what ways they work and do not fit with those three worldview. Then, assess how these US foreign policy traditions and worldview help us understand contemporary foreign policy. Provides examples to explain the position.2.What does the Prisoner’s Dilemma game tell us about strategic interactions in world politics? First, explain the basic dynamics conveyed by the Prisoner’s Dilemma game. Second, explain how this game helps to enhance our understanding of international politics. Third, explain what (if any) are the limitations of this game for understanding world politics. Use examples to convey the points.3.What motivates actors in international politics to collaborate? Define collaboration as a distinct form of cooperation. Once actors decide to collaborate, is it likely that they will continue to do so? Under what circumstances is it likely that collaboration continues? Under what circumstances is it likely that collaboration breaks down? Provide examples to support your argument.

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