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Urban forestry status of china

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Write a 5 pages paper on urban forestry status of china. What is perhaps more disturbing is the fact that the people engaged in the destruction of forest lands for private and commercial economic construction see the latter as the most ideal definition of development for China (Konijnendijk, 2007). Consequently, the need for an urgent step to control the rate at which the beautiful green rain forest that nature gave to the people of China is being destroyed has been totally lost. As a result, China is now a victim of greenhouse gas emission, environmental warming and a very poor climate system that has made agriculture very difficult (Gao, 2003).To understand the state of urban forestry in China, the researcher will make use of document review method, which will entail a critique and review of various works of literature pertaining to the area of study. To do this effectively, there will be the construction of a literature log, which will comprise major themes about the study area where the researcher wants information. The literature log will therefore serve as the major material with which data will be collected for the study. The advantage that the literature log and the document review method offer is that it puts virtually no restriction on the researcher in terms of data collection. This means that the researcher can be as wide with data collection as possible. In this context however, an inclusion and exclusion criteria were set, defining the types of literature to include. For example, sources were to have been published not earlier than 2000. They should have been published in either Chinese or English, and they should have a direct relation to urban forestry.


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