Universal health care

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write an essay on Universal Health Care: For Better of For Worst. Write a 3000 word paper answering; It is perplexing that one of the most powerful and most democratic nations in the world does not have universal health care. The citizens of the United States grow anxious and dissatisfied with the current health care system. Expensive health care costs, impersonal medical procedures exercised by medical providers, and the bleak future the long-standing health care system offers, prompted both the ordinary and the intellectual class to advocate a government-run and taxpayer-funded health care system that is patterned on one of the most useful elements of the present health care structure, Medicare (Langer para 1). It is very heartrending to know that multitudes of poor American citizens die from chronic diseases that are actually curable but then failed to be addressed because of a lack of money. The wealthy are being proposed by the Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be the liable individuals in paying higher taxes that would guarantee the impoverished sector of the United States affordable and quality health care services. Some of the American peoples, however, particularly the baby boomers think that this proposal on the improvement of health care is nothing but political propaganda all over again. A universal health care system sounds very promising and beneficial especially to the poor. Yet, despite its humane premises, this type of health care system should be studied very well since it will definitely require compatibility with the realities of the United States. Some detest the implication of universal health care because of its indispensable requirements in order to bring about cheaper and more liberated medical procedures.&nbsp.Multitudes of Americans do not have medical insurance and underinsured are escalating at a swift pace. Estimates point to 50 million Americans who are not insured and 18,000 white people die as a result of insufficient medical treatment. It is very sad to know that thousands of people lose their lives because of the high costs in health care (Pibel & Gelder para 2).

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