Ugly place

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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Ugly Place.The natives abhorred change and were contented with the richness that nature presented to them. Over time, people of all walks of life inhabited the place changing the very foundations of its beauty. The new place swelled to become the nations greatest industrial metropolis, thanks to the massive influx of immigrants and technological innovations. The place turned into one of the worlds most complex urban environments, bringing with it a host of social problems.Edouard de Laboulaye conceived the little girl in his thoughts even before she was born. As an embryo, she was mainly rock, albeit having the other elements of life. She did not have any conscious and no name had been assigned to her at this moment. She began to form her conscious from the friendship and freedom that existed between two ugly places. She was born of the kind of fire that can melt steel. Hardened by life, she became the iron lady who would lead the people of ugly place.When she arrived at the place, she was convinced that the place was quite ugly. But In spite of this, she felt that the place had several new things. She had never seen these new things before. She did not understand at that time the newness because she was new to the place herself. The new things were the feelings and collective thoughts of people. She was wondering what would become of these people. They had things that she could not find anywhere in the world. The lady maintained watchful eyes on her people and the future of the new place being close to her heart. The most valuable thing in her observation was the collective thoughts of the people. She did not know yet what would be the consequences of these thoughts.One day, she realized that the place was filled with people. The trees had disappeared and the animals were nowhere to be seen, possibly withdrawn to the wilderness. Instead of singing birds, waving trees, and numerous animals, there were buildings and people in

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