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U.S. city’s temperature

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A scientist is tracking a U.S. city’s temperature and precipitation levels throughout the year. She compiled the following data: MonthMean Temperature (°C)Mean Precipitation (cm)January-4.86.93February-3.95.64March0.68.08April2.38.23May8.19.35June13.39.58July16.18.89August14.89.25September9.58.38October2.68.23November-0.88.51December-6.87.04Using the data above, create a climatograph on your own graph paper. Clearly show each data point and label each axis with an appropriate title and scale. Use this information to respond to parts b, c, and d.Based on the data table, what was the mean temperature for this city during the summer months (July, August, September)? What was the mean precipitation this city received during the winter months (January, February, March)?At what general latitude might this city be located? In which biome might this city be located? Explain your answers by referencing the temperature and precipitation data in the table and climatograph.Identify another biome that is commonly located around the same latitude as this city, but that generally has a different climate. Describe two factors that are likely responsible for these differences in climate.


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