Types of political ideology

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Types of Political Ideology. Political ideology is largely concerned with the struggle for political power and the means to achieve that power. More specifically a political ideology is “more or less coherent set of ideas that provides the basis for organized political action, whether this is intended to preserve, modify or overthrow the existing system of power” (Political Ideologies I 5). The ideologies of Liberalism, Communism are considered left wing and the ideologies of Conservatism and Fascism are considered right wing. ‘The Right’ wing endorse monarchy and ‘The Left’ emphasizes the removal of aristocracy and monarchy. Liberalism: Liberalism is a widely prevalent ideology today. Liberalism originated in the 18th century during the ‘Age of Enlightenment’. John Locke is considered to be the ‘founding father of liberalism. The liberalism endorses individual freedom and equality and opposes the ideas of absolute monarchy, divine rights of kings, hereditary aristocracy and established the religion. In broad sense liberalism is a political ideology that emphasizes individual liberty, equality, civil rights and freedom of thought, speech, and religion. Liberalism has many forms. The classical liberalism states that there should be little or no interference of the government in the economy and the market should be totally free. It believes in the abolition of state protection of the individual. The modern liberalism believes that total free market results in the accumulation of wealth in the hands of few with the vast majority of people living in poverty. So the government should interfere to prevent this scenario. The modern liberalism states that civil rights are more important to individuals as compared to economic rights. American Revolution (1776) gave birth to the first liberal government in America after dismissing monarchy. French Revolution that ended monarchy in France was also led by liberal ideology. Liberalism spread quickly in the West.

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