Translation technologies

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Compose a 1500 words assignment on translation technologies. It breaks this text and goes through it. After that, the program looks at the segments in the database and looks for relevant matches in the translation memory. The matching pairs are presented as translation candidates. These candidates are taken by the translator and replaced with a new translation. Moreover, it can be modified to match the source.Translation memories vary depending on their mode of operation and the steps they take in completing the translation process. Some of these memories look for full matches in the database that reach 100% similarity while others look for similar segments by the use of fuzzy matching algorithms. The similar translations are presented to the translator together with a set of their differences highlighted. These translation memories are reliable depending on the efficiency and robustness of their matching algorithm. Most of these memories work best when dealing with repetitive texts and incremental revisions of previously translated documents. These translation memories are efficient with documents that contain specialized vocabularies, as well as technical documentation.These translation memories work with computer aided or assisted translation (CAT). CAT means that a human translator makes use of a computer system, software, or application to translate documents, text, and sentences. The output of this software, however, requires editing and correction of errors to create a final perfect translation of high quality.Wordfast Classic is a translation tool that works with Microsoft Word and requires no installation process to enable it on a computer. It decreases the effort needed in learning how to use computer-aided translation tools. Some of its features include those of Microsoft Word, as well as its additional functions that make it a reliable translation memory tool.Some of its features include its ease of customization.

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