Traits to strong organizational cultures

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic The key traits to strong organizational cultures.gement always has a substantial influence on the corporate culture, and their influence is being proportional to the level they are in the hierarchy (Cameron, Kim & Quinn, n.p). In addition, the managers control the organizational culture varying among the managers due to their different level of training and leadership style. The style in which different managers handle employees also affects the workplace culture. In some organizations, the management permits the employees to make own decisions as well as letting them participate in strategy making. This makes an organization to be results-oriented, employee engagement and effective decision-making, key traits of a strong organizational culture. Such organizational culture allows employees to be close to the management and encourages a long-term relationship with the organization. The leadership style and management style must respect the workers to evade the culture of them working for money only.Furthermore, the organizational culture is also affected by individual working with the organization. Employees have a special way in which they influence the culture of a company. The aspects of the employees that affect the culture include their attitudes, interests, perceptions, mentalities and their process of thinking. For instance, organizations that hire persons from defense background tend to operate in a strict culture where all the employees follow set policies. Incidences of lateness to work rarely happen in such organizations. The employees’ mindset creates the culture of the workplace.The founders and the owners of an organization add the list of important factors that influence organizational culture. Mostly, the founders of an organization develop its philosophy as well as establishing the core fundamental values (Schein, n.p). Additionally, the organization owners can exert considerable influence from more perspectives of the category of the owner. The influence of owners becomes even more profound

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