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Training teachers to produce software program

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Write a 4 page essay on Training teachers to produce software program and using in their classes.Additional research has demonstrated that 53% of the aspiring teachers who participated believed that they had confidence in their software programming skills in the classroom (Yost et al. 2003).Studies have shown that 50% of all educational professionals apply software educational material in the learning environment. The application of computer aids differs from educational locations. In some locations, the instructor application of software programming approaches 100%. In other locations the instructor application of software programming is nil. Many instructors attribute this deficiency to time constraints, economic constraints and deficiency in instructor preparation (Education World n.d.).The instructor application of software has been proven to increase student’s ability in quantifiable courses. The instructor application of the software programming has yet to be proven to enhance the students’ skills in social studies, language and the arts. Research has demonstrated that software programming consists of various levels which may be assessed distinctively. These implementations may be applied with varying levels of success to quantitative and graphic courses (Roschelle et al. 2001).There are courses which provide effective lesson administration and enable aspiring teachers to aggregate interactive classroom participation in the lesson plan. Those desiring to become educators may acquire the software programming skills in order to properly administrate the lesson plans and connect items to an assortment of web based resources. The web based resources may apply visual and auditory aids in order to facilitate classroom instruction. Aspiring teachers may acquire or enhance software programming ability by the following implementations:The integration of software programs in the classroom by the aspiring teachers


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